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Chandon Brut 2 (8.3)
"More bubbly", "Special bouquet when opened. Still gorgeous", "Ready dreamy", "Smells and taste buttery!", "Clean and lovely", "Dreamy and creamy", "Creamy" More>>

Chandon Brut 2 $22.00
Victoire Champagne (8.0)
"Interesting flavours, bitter mid palate", "Very impressive", "Lovely", "Gorgeous", "Yum,", "Lovely full bubbles", "Nice limey bubbles", "Tastes wonderfully French to me!", "Nice and a bit buttery" More>>

Victoire Champagne $95.00
Chandon Brut 1 (7.8)
"Lite", "Basement beauty", "A bit tart", "Refreshing", "Lovely", "Very nice bubbles", "So nice to be back and quaffing quality sparkling wine! ¿¿¿" More>>

Chandon Brut 1 $22.00
Bollinger Special Cuvée (7.8)
"V. Nice in these unprecedented times.", "Very creamy yum", "Not many bubbles but not bad", "Best wine ever at a wine tasting this year", "Fresh and pleasant to drink", "Nice limey bubbles.", "French I think? Nice", "Light on bubbles. Great summer champers", "Crisp fresh and very nice ¿" More>>

Bollinger Special Cuvée $80.00
Croser NV Sparkling (7.7)
"Great", "Chardy with bubbles", "Nice but a bit sweet", "Soft flavours with a little spice, possibly related to the spicy sausage just sampled!", "Slightly sweet but with a lime hit. Nice.", "Small bubbles. Nice n toasty. French", "Very easy to drink", "Hard to say...just brushed my teeth" More>>

Croser NV Sparkling $25.00
Fox Creek Vixen Sparkling Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc (7.6)
"Light red sparkling", "A very blackberry taste love it", "Champers", "Singular in flavour. Need a comparable food to enhance it.", "Dry, bubbly, not for me", "Nice current sparkly red.", "Nice to see a sparkling red! Got initial sulphur smell. Peterson’s?", "I can’t drink red bubbles", "Delicious" More>>

Fox Creek Vixen Sparkling Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc $24.00
Peter Lehmann Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz (7.6)
"Well rounded, a bit meaty", "A flat red sparkling in flavour", "Fizzy Reddie", "A sparkly with a mono flavour that works. A pleasant experience!", "Rich red sparkles.", "Nice and tasty. Nice red and spicy.", "Prob like this better. Mayb a Shiraz?", "Sparkling Shiraz?" More>>

Peter Lehmann Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz $42.99
Dupperrey Champagne Brut (7.4)
"Overpowering nose. Bit bitter. Probably a vintage", "Honey bouquet. Half meade, half sparkling.", "Lots of bubbles", "Old age burnt flavours", "Light creamy with a note of fruit tingle", "Fizzy busy", "Full flavour" More>>

Dupperrey Champagne Brut $50.00
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