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Adrian and Sonia

House A and House B

Fox Creek Vixen Sparkling Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet FrancNew Product
"Light red sparkling", "A very blackberry taste love it", "Champers", "Singular in flavour. Need a comparable food to enhance it.", "Dry, bubbly, not for me", "Nice current sparkly red.", "Nice to see a sparkling red! Got initial sulphur smell. Peterson’s?", "I can’t drink red bubbles", "Delicious" More>>

Fox Creek Vixen Sparkling Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc $24.00
Peter Lehmann Black Queen Sparkling ShirazNew Product
"Well rounded, a bit meaty", "A flat red sparkling in flavour", "Fizzy Reddie", "A sparkly with a mono flavour that works. A pleasant experience!", "Rich red sparkles.", "Nice and tasty. Nice red and spicy.", "Prob like this better. Mayb a Shiraz?", "Sparkling Shiraz?" More>>

Peter Lehmann Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz $42.99
St Andrews Cabernet SauvignonNew Product
"Reasonable red", "A suttle flavor a ti t of age i think", "Nice with chocolates", "Chemical sub flavour, a little petroleum.", "Nice light friendly red", "A bit sweet and non-descript.", "Nice drop. Pinot?", "No bubbles", "Nice blackberries and dark chocolate" More>>

St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon $6.95
St Andrews Chardonnay 1000 mlNew Product
"Easy drinking, better once a bit warmer", "Very fruity nice", "Unusual unique flavour. Lovely", "Lovely and slightly sweet", "Sweet then dry. Strange and unique.", "Hmmm. Euro. Kind of Sauternes like but guessing vermentino?", "Fruity and dry" More>>

St Andrews Chardonnay 1000 ml $4.75
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