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Megan and Phil

July 2017

Degen 365 Chardonnay

"Gone with the wind" "Nice and buttery and oaky" "Unusual - or turning"


Degen 365 Chardonnay $27.00
Degen Demi-Sec Semillon

"Sweet, yet light" "A bit watery but OK" "Not my cup of tea" "Great sticky - not too sweet"


Degen Demi-Sec Semillon $27.00
Degen Semillon Chardonnay

"Dusty, full bodied and tasty" "Brilliant" "Have colour and flavour"


Degen Semillon Chardonnay $22.00
Degen Shiraz

"Just a little edge" "Lots of berries. Beautiful" "Pepper and berries"


Degen Shiraz $32.50
Degen Single Vineyard Chardonnay

"Burnt butter" "Bit sharp at first, mellowed out after a while" "Great smooth flavour"


Degen Single Vineyard Chardonnay $36.00
Mount Pleasant Medium Bodied Dry Red (Mountain A.)

"Tingles on the tongue" "A bit watery and turning" "Great with chocolate" "Fizzy at first, got better but not for me"


Mount Pleasant Medium Bodied Dry Red (Mountain A.) $75.00
Scarborough Pinot Noir

"Pinot nice" "Thinking currents, nice fruit" "Very soft" Lovely jubbly. Pinot gold"


Scarborough Pinot Noir $23.00
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